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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is the use of electronic media for the promotion of products and services. It has become essential for the success of business in today’s world. There is no denying that internet has taken the world to a whole new level. Buyers now have more choices than before to explore and research for their desired products. Online media channels have empowered the customers which have given the organizations a real task of online marketing. To engage with the customers, companies have to involve with them on every possible digital platform.

While digital marketing is most closely associated with the internet, there are other channels too, to serve the purpose. Mobile apps, radio, IPTV, TV, radio, electronic billboards are other means of reaching to the customers digitally. These methods help companies and entrepreneurs to assess the customers’ behavior and brand value.

Digital marketing is one of the most sought after industries right now. It offers a wide range of possibilities to everyone and anyone. With the continuous development of technology, there is no better time to become a digital marketer than when companies are moving or moving their business online.

At its highest level, digital marketing has three main components: Lead Generation, Lead Capturing, and Lead Nurturing.

Social media marketing is one of the most popular types of marketing strategies. And, it's also one of the most effective to build awareness and increase sales. And it's not hard to understand why when more than 2.8 billion people use social media platforms. That's approximately 37% of the world's population!

Digital marketing can be broadly broken into 8 main categories including: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Affiliate Marketing.

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means you need to meet them where they are already spending time: on the internet. With how accessible the internet is today, would you believe me if I told you the number of people who go online every day is still increasing? It is. In fact, "constant" internet usage among adults increased by 5% in just the last three years, according to Pew Research. And although we say it a lot, the way people shop and buy really has changed along with it — meaning offline marketing isn't as effective as it used to be.